Watch: Car drives down footpath near Auckland school, narrowly avoids children


An Auckland driver has been captured on video mounting the kerb and driving along the footpath, narrowly avoiding children on their walk to school.

Cyclist Su Yin Khoo – who was on a tricycle with her 3-year-old child in it – captured the car on video at 9am on Monday.

It shows the car driving along the footpath of Union St in Auckland’s CBD, before turning down Nelson St.

It narrowly avoided a parent running with their two small children as it mounts the kerb, then just misses a small crowd, including a pram, as it rounds the corner by the lights.

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The traffic lights are red as the driver goes past on the footpath.

Su Yin Khoo’s husband, Lance Wiggs, said there were a lot of people living at the top of Nelson St with young kids.

What this driver did was shocking, he said.

“They could have just stayed in their lane and made a legal left turn.”

He was concerned for the safety of the people “just waiting on the corner” with their children, he said.

Over many years, Wiggs said, he and his wife had seen that part of the footpath used by motorists to park or pull up onto the kerb.

“Auckland Transport are not prioritising people who are walking and cycling … it’s just a matter of time before more people die.”

The driver rounds the corner, edging past a small group of people – including a woman with a pram.

Su Yin Khoo/Supplied

The driver rounds the corner, edging past a small group of people – including a woman with a pram.

There are a few schools close to where the incident occurred, including Freemans Bay School.

A police spokesperson said they strongly condemned the driver’s behaviour.

“It is unacceptable and places pedestrians at risk of harm.”

Road users were encouraged to be patient during peak hour traffic and stick to the road rules at all times, they said.

Auckland Transport has been approached for comment.

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