Trump news today: Trump Organization jury selected as Jan 6 panel plans to interview Secret Service agents


Donald Trump interrupted by crowd singing national anthem at rally

A jury has been selected for the upcoming trial of the Trump Organization, which has been indicted for allegedly perpetrating a massive tax fraud scheme. Prosecutors noted the difficulty in choosing a fair jury in Manhattan, where the former president is especially unpopular.

The company, which denies the allegations, has already seen its former CFO Allen Weisselberg plead guilty.

Meanwhile, as Donald Trump’s attorneys take receipt of the January 6 select committee’s subpoena compelling the former president to turn over documents and appear before its members, reports say that the panel is planning to call key Secret Service agents to testify as to what happened in the days leading up to the attack on the US Capitol.

In the course of the summer, it became clear that the service had lost or deleted messages exchanged between staff on the day of the riot and before it despite having been instructed to preserve them. The official explanation of how and why they were wiped has shifted over the last months, but at least some have been recovered.


Pizzagate conspiracy theory pops up in Jan 6 rioter’s sentencing

Sentencing is underway for a January 6 rioter who claims she didn’t know that the room she had entered was the Senate chamber. Christine Priola, who is relying heavily on the defence that she deeply regrets being “swept up in the moment” on the day having arrived to protest peacefully, has spoken in court to ask for leniency – and in the process alluded to “human trafficking” as one of her motivations, leading the judge to ask about one of the most distinctively unhinged QAnon conspiracy theories: Pizzagate.

Andrew Naughtie28 October 2022 16:20


Trump raving again about Letitia James and legal cases

Away from the churning discourse about whether or not he will rejoin Twitter, Donald Trump is angrily truthing away on his own platform. This morning his top targets are – once again – the legal officials investigating him for myriad alleged offences, in particular New York Attorney General Letitia James.

Andrew Naughtie28 October 2022 16:50


Democrats warn Biden about Bolsonaro – as Trump endorses him

A group of Democrats have signed a letter to Joe Biden warning him that Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is liable to refuse to accept defeat should he lose his presidential runoff on Sunday. In the letter, they call on the administration to “denounce any attempts to incite political violence on and after election day in Brazil”.

This they did just as Donald Trump, who shares a mutual admiration with Mr Bolsonaro, endorsed him.

Andrew Naughtie28 October 2022 17:20

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