Chanting ‘recall Price,’ protesters rally against Alameda County’s district attorney

OAKLAND — Calling for a recall and chanting “do your job,” scores of people rallied against District Attorney Pamela Price on Monday outside the Alameda County Superior Courthouse, urging the county’s top prosecutor to end a series of controversial reforms and avoid cutting a plea deal with the men accused of killing a toddler during a freeway shootout.

The crowd of protesters — including one of Price’s own prosecutors — tore into the new district attorney and her decisions over the past three months to suspend several veteran prosecutors and scale back the use of sentencing enhancements in murder and gang-related cases. They also pleaded with Price to avoid similar moves with the men accused of killing Jasper Wu, who was weeks from his second birthday in November 2021 when a bullet from a freeway gun battle ripped into his mother’s vehicle on Interstate 880, killing him instantly.

Holding signs reading “Justice for Jasper,” the protesters chanted “recall Price” after she released a video days ago stating that “we have not made any decisions about what charges to pursue, or not to pursue” in the case.

The three men arrested in the killing — Johnny Jackson of Richmond; Trevor Green of Richmond; and Ivory Bivins of Vallejo — were arrested in late 2022, during the final weeks of former District Attorney Nancy O’Malley’s administration. They were initially charged with special circumstances murder, making them eligible for sentences of life without parole, if convicted.

Last week, Price cast doubt on whether those charges would remain, while also vowing that the men would be “held accountable.”

“What I saw in that video shocked me — it outraged me,” said Bob Yee, who helped organize the event, along with the National Asian Pacific Islander Prosecutors Association. “How do you ensure safe streets

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