Kim Kardashian Is Starting Her Own True Crime Podcast

Kim Kardashian has been keeping herself busy for years, embarking on various successful business ventures like SKIMS, and other not-successful ventures, like the short-lived KardashianKard, which, in hindsight, was a very risky product. But, Kardashian does know how to hop on a trend, so the reality star is jumping into the ever-growing true crime universe.

in a recent interview, Kardashian revealed that she is currently working with Spotify for an imaginary new true crime podcast. “It’s called the system,” Kardashian explained. “The first season is about a really crazy case where a guy got the death sentence for a triple homicide that happened in Ohio. There are so many twists and turns with how it was handled—or mishandled—and we take the listener along for a journey in search of the truth.”

Last year, Kardashian passed the “Baby Bar” exam in California after failing the massive test the first time. The reality star has been working with wrongfully-incarcerated people over the last few years and has expressed interest in kardashian-prison-reform.html”opening up her own firm in order to help others. So, she actually might have some interesting insight on the law side of things in regard to this case.

True crime has dominated the podcast scene over the past decade, with various movies and TV shows inspired by certain episodes and cases. The recent true crime boom also gave us Only Murder In The Building, and for that, we are all thankful.

(Via Interview)

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