Is There A Best Time to Buy Life Insurance?

when should you get life insurance

when should you get life insurance

Life insurance provides a financial cushion to soften the blow when someone passes away. The decision of when should you get life insurance is a personal question, but generally it is when others depend on your income. Learn more about when you may need coverage and guidelines for how much life insurance you should buy. Buying life insurance should be part of your greater financial plan, and a professional financial advisor can help you create that plan while answering all of your questions.

When Should You Buy Life Insurance?

People buy life insurance for many reasons, including to take care of loved ones, pay off debt or donate to charitable causes. Buying life insurance provides real financial benefits to your assets or loved ones after you pass away, so most reasons will fall into those categories. It also can be a way for you to leave behind a legacy or make sure that no one is burdened financially by your debts or burial costs after you die.

The right time to buy life insurance is immediate if any of the above-mentioned reasons apply to you. The purpose behind why you want or need, to buy life insurance is more important than the timing itself. Here are nine of the most common reasons why you should get a life insurance policy:

1. Getting Married

when you get married, you have another person to take care of or to consider with your finances. In many cases, your household budget depends on both of your incomes to pay the bills. Protect your marriage with a life insurance policy that replaces your income in the event that something happens. This is especially important if one spouse depends on the income of the other to meet their basic

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