Should seniors take life insurance medical exams?

A life insurance medical exam can go a long way toward securing lower monthly premiums.

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Life insurance is often considered advantageous for a wide range of adults both young and old. While some older adults may find the cost of a policy higher than they would have paid in previous years the benefits of life insurance for seniors can still be significant. And, despite conventional wisdom, they don’t always have to be exorbitantly priced either. 

That said, the life insurance application process for older adults may look a little different in terms of the amount applied for and the reasons supporting it. And while many adults would benefit from sitting for the traditional medical exam often required for life insurance approval, for seniors the advantage in doing so isn’t always so clear cut. There are good reasons to take the exam and some other good reasons not to, both of which we will explore further below.

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Should seniors take life insurance medical exams?

The answer to this question really depends on the individual and their health at the time of application. Here’s what to know.

When seniors should take a life insurance medical exam

Seniors in good health, who don’t smoke and don’t have a history of smoking should strongly consider sitting for the life insurance medical exam. These examinations are similar to the annual check-up one experiences with their primary care physician. So expect to have some routine bloodwork completed. Applicants will also have their urine checked and their blood pressure tested and will need to answer a series of detailed questions from a qualified medical professional. 

Seniors in good health can underline their status by pointing to the

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