Mass shooting kills 1, injures more at party near Pittsburgh

1 dead, at least 8 others injured in mass shooting at party near Pittsburgh

Officials said the shooting happened early Sunday at a community center.

Good afternoon, everyone. Thank you for being here today. My name is Trooper Cliff Greenfield. I’m *** trooper with the Pennsylvania State Police and I serve as *** public information officer here in Troop *** with me. Here this afternoon is Lieutenant Colonel George Bivens, Deputy commissioner of operations, Pennsylvania State Police Indiana County district attorney, Robert F Manzi Junior major, Matthew Nicky PSP area two commander, Captain Jonathan Rush, commanding officer troop *** Greensburg, Lieutenant Richard Quinn or Indiana station commander and Mr Ron Sachi supervisor, *** TF Pittsburgh field office at this time, I’d like to turn this over to Lieutenant Colonel George vs Colonel vs. Yes, sir. Good afternoon. At approximately midnight overnight from Saturday, October 7th into the morning of October 8th. *** disturbance call was received by PSP Indiana indicating there was excessive noise coming from *** building known as the Chevy Chase Community Center on North Fifth Avenue, White Township Indiana County PSP patrol members responded and received an assurance that the music would be turned down as *** precaution. The PSP mounted unit was asked to move to that area and monitor the situation as there was *** potential issue of *** large group of people to be managed at this party. Upon arrival, members of the mounted unit heard multiple gunshots originating from within the facility. *** request for backup was made and additional gunshots were heard along with observing *** large number of people exiting the building through doors and windows. Members rendered immediate aid to obviously injured individuals collapsing outside the building while simultaneously other members made entry

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