The Glory director Ahn Gil Ho shares apology regarding school bullying allegations as ex-girlfriend speaks up

CONTENT WARNING: The following article mentions violence and bullying, etc. Reader’s discretion is advised. 

Netflix K-drama ‘The Glory’ director Ahn Gil Ho has issued a statement of apology after initially denying having been a part of school violence or assault. On March 12, the legal representative of the well-known director came forward to share a statement including an apology and clarification regarding the issue that took place about 27 years ago. This was in response to a post made by an anonymous person which caught the attention and included details of an incident which happened in the Philippines in 1996 when the director was in his third year of high school. The K-drama’s production company shared its plans to investigate.

Ahn Gil Ho’s response

The statement by lawyer Kim Mun Hui of law firm JIPYONG which is representing the director included their side of the story where the director admitted to having emotionally dealt with the teasing done to his then-girlfriend. Calling his actions as ‘giving unforgettable wound/hurting deeply’, the director has apologised to the victims of the case in the statement. Furthermore, Ahn Gil Ho expressed his wish to meet the person or at least speak on call to apologise himself and ask for forgiveness.

The director has reportedly said that it took time for them to confirm the facts as the incident took place a long time ago and he wished to remember the details which seemed to be different from what the post was saying.

Ahn Gil Ho’s girlfriend’s response

The director’s girlfriend at the time reportedly spoke to a Korean news agency about the incident that took place back then recalling that there was no severe teasing done to her and was only joked about being pulled between friends. However, she did not know that the

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