Police, district attorney share details about deputy’s death

Officials are still waiting on an autopsy report to determine if any further charges are necessary against the 2 suspects.

BATAVIA, N.Y. — We know charges have been filed against two suspects in connection with the weekend death of a Genesee County Sheriff’s Office deputy. But there are still many questions about the circumstances around that fatal encounter.    

On Wednesday, for the first time,  police and the district attorney spoke directly to reporters about their investigation.  

Outside the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office headquarters in the Town of Batavia, people are placing tributes. U.S. flags and more flowers are being placed on a patrol car as a memorial to Sgt. Thomas Sanfratello.

Sanfratello died following what investigators call a “very violent” resisting arrest encounter from “physically combative” suspects, identified as 33-year-old Michael J. Elmore and his girlfriend, 39-year-old Lyndsey Jean Wilcox.

Elmore was in Batavia Town Court on Tuesday to plead not guilty to manslaughter and aggravated assault on a police officer charges. Wilcox was also in court to face an assault charge.

2 On Your Side asked Genesee County District Attorney Kevin Finnell if additional or upgraded charges could be filed against Elmore and Wilcox.

“A grand jury will certainly review the evidence,” Finnell said. “The evidence is not in. We have the investigation, as you just heard, is ongoing. Until the investigation is concluded, we cannot predict what additional charges, if any, might be filed in connection with this case.”

Batavia Police, which is the lead agency on the case, indicate it was a two to three-minute encounter in which Elmore is said to have used a necklace or a thick rope metal chain, which is described as a “weapon” in court documents.

Batavia Police Chief Shawn Heubusch said his detectives have determined that “during the altercation you can

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