Lake Mead discoveries fodder for sarcastic lawyer

(NewsNation) — Steven Parke is no novice when it comes to creative billboards, and now, the Las Vegas injury lawyer is using the low water levels in Lake Mead for inspiration.

Following up on his past hits featuring quotes from Mike Tyson, Vanilla Ice and Bruce Dickinson — yes, from “Saturday Night Live” — Parke’s new billboard reads: “Injured while searching for dead bodies at Lake Mead? Demand compensation.”

“The world as it is right now is depressing, we get bad news every day. So why not throw something up that’s going to make people either give them a chuckle, let them think about something, or what I thought would happen … no one would bother to read it,” Parke told NewsNation affiliate KLAS. “But I guess I was wrong; people do read billboards.”

The billboard for Parke Injury Law Firm references the human remains that have been discovered in the reservoir this year since its water level has hit record lows. The western US is facing its worst drought in decades, and Lake Mead has been increasing drying up.

Earlier this week, more human remains lakemead/”were found in the reservoir, the fourth discovered since May. Local officials, including a dive team, were near the lake investigating.

Marc Sanson was at the lake when he saw authorities near the shoreline and recorded a video for his Youtube channel “The Other Me.”

He’s been documenting what he’s found at Lake Mead, which he told “NewsNation Prime” on Wednesday is a very dangerous place right now.

“You really have to be careful when you’re out there,” Sanson said. “When you get close to where the water used to be… the land right around those coves becomes quicksand.

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