Attorney who represented Palm Bay shooting suspect never saw red flags: ‘No history of violence’

PALM BAY, Fla.Confusion continues to grip the community as a motive remains a mystery in the triple shooting on Sunday in Palm Bay.

People who knew Brandon Kapas, the alleged shooter, are in shock, saying the 24-year-old never exhibited any red flags or violent behavior.

FOX 35 spoke with Palm Bay trial lawyer Daniel Martinez, who was representing Kapas on a previous, unrelated DUI arrest. Other than that, Martinez says, he had a clean record and aspired to serve in the military.

“He had no history of violence whatsoever, so this was extremely surprising to me,” said Martinez, who started representing Kapas late last year.

Days later, shock is still setting in for Martinez. He said he talked with the 24-year-old just days before the shooting on Sunday.


“I saw absolutely nothing that would lead me to believe this was going to occur. There were no signs. Nothing in his demeanor, nothing in his history, nothing in our conversations other than, like I said, he was a very straight-spoken person,” the attorney added.

Palm Bay police said Kapas shot and killed a retired Palm Bay priest, known as Father Bob Hoeffner, and his sister Sally at their home.  Police said he then went to a family birthday party on Forgal Avenue that same Sunday afternoon.

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Father Bob Hoeffner

That’s where police said Kapas shot and killed his own 78-year-old grandfather, William Kapas. Police were initially called to the scene for a domestic disturbance. It was that shooting that led to a shootout with police in the neighborhood. Two Palm Bay police officers were hurt, and Kapas was killed.

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William Kapas

“It’s an unspeakable tragedy what happened, and to everybody involved,” said Martinez. “I mean, people lost family members.”

FOX 35 spoke to Kapas’ family on Wednesday,

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