Types of Family Law: A Comprehensive Guide

Family law encompasses a wide range of legal issues that revolve around the relationships and dynamics within families. From marriage and divorce to child custody and adoption, family law plays a crucial role in ensuring the well-being and protection of individuals and families. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the different types of family law and provide insights into the key aspects and considerations within each area.

Now, let’s delve into each type of family law and explore the intricacies and considerations within each area.

1. Introduction

Family law is a specialized area of law that deals with legal matters concerning family relationships and domestic issues. It encompasses a broad spectrum of cases, ranging from marriage and divorce to child custody, adoption, and domestic violence. Family lawyers are skilled professionals who navigate these legal complexities to ensure the best possible outcomes for their clients.

Family law cases are considered civil cases, as they involve conflicts between individuals or institutions rather than criminal offenses. Family lawyers bring their expertise in negotiation, litigation, and counselling to help clients navigate the emotional and legal challenges associated with family law matters.

2. Marriage Dissolution

Marriage dissolution refers to the legal process of ending a marriage. It can take various forms, including divorce, annulment, or legal separation. When a couple decides to dissolve their marriage, family law comes into play to address several crucial aspects, such as property division, child custody, and alimony.

Divorce: Divorce is the most common form of marriage dissolution. It is a legal process that terminates a marriage and legally separates the couple. Divorce involves resolving property division, child custody, visitation rights, and spousal support issues. 

Annulment: Unlike divorce, which ends a valid marriage, annulment declares a marriage null and void as if it never took place. Annulment Read the rest

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B&P Associates, WILDAF intensify education on domestic violence to mark IWD2023

B&P Associates, Lawyers and Consultants (B&P Associates) in collaboration with students from the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School, USA, has partnered with Women in Law and Development in Africa (WiLDAF) Ghana, as part of the International Women’s Day (IWD) celebrations to intensify education on domestic violence in the Okushiebiade community in the Ga West Municipality of the Greater Accra Region.

The programme with the universal IWD theme: ‘DigitAll: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality’, #EmbraceEquity seeks to call on domestic violence victims to be outspoken and report perpetrators immediately as they are protected by the Domestic Violence Act 2007 (Act 732).

A 2020 statistical analysis from the Accra Regional office of the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Ghana Police Service stated that 31.9percent of women in Ghana suffer at least one form of domestic violence whether physical, economic, social or psychological.

In a presentation to the community, a Ghanaian lawyer with expertise in matters including family law and litigation, David William Akuoko-Nyantakyi highlighted the forms of abuse that causes harm and panic to a victim and added that, the prime objective of Act 732 is to shield and protect the dignity of a victim.

“Beyond physical abuse there are other forms of domestic violence recognised by law sexual abuse, emotional abuse, economic abuse and generally any conduct that is criminal in nature and amounts to causing harm or threatening harm to another.”

Mr. Akuoko-Nyantakyi also added that should a court face a challenge where abuse of a victim is not able to be predicated especially when it doesn’t fall under any of the categories of abuse, there are some factors the court shifts their attention to, in order to determine whether it’s domestic abuse or not which includes the time spent together, where the time

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