Tiger Woods’ lawyers try to stop ex-girlfriend’s lawsuit

Attorneys for golf superstar Tiger Woods are expected to argue Tuesday during a court hearing that his ex-girlfriend’s lawsuit against him should be halted because she signed a nondisclosure agreement requiring that any disagreements between them be settled in private by an arbitrator.

Erica Herman, 39, is suing Woods to get out of the agreement, saying she was the victim of his sexual harassment. She has also filed a separate $30 million illegal eviction lawsuit against the trust that owns his $54 million Florida mansion.

Herman, who managed Woods’ Palm Beach County restaurant before and during the first years of their romantic relationship, argues that the nondisclosure agreement is unenforceable under a new federal law that says such contracts can be voided when sexual abuse or sexual harassment occurred. Her attorney, Benjamin Hodas, contends that Woods’ alleged threat to fire her if she didn’t sign the contract was harassment.

“A boss imposing different work conditions on his employee because of their sexual relationship is sexual harassment,” Hodas said.

Woods’ attorney, J.B. Murray, denies that the 47-year-old golfer ever sexually assaulted or harassed Herman, calling her accusations in court documents “utterly meritless.” It is unknown if Woods will attend the hearing before Circuit Judge Elizabeth Metzger, the first in what could be a lengthy court battle.

In Herman’s lawsuit against Woods, she wants Metzger to either void the nondisclosure agreement or at least give her guidance about what she can say publicly. For example, can she discuss events that happened before their agreement or after their breakup? What about information she learned about Woods from others? She is also arguing that the contract covers only her work relationship with Woods, not their personal matters.

In her unlawful eviction lawsuit against the trust, she is basing her $30 million claim on how

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