Gubernatorial race, Hennepin County attorney race

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I am amazed that the governor’s race is so close. Gov. Tim Walz has led Minnesota though some of the most challenging times this state has faced in the last 100 years. And he has done so with consideration and with both local and national support, facts and research. Scott Jensen, on the other hand, is a physician who seems to have forsaken the basic Hippocratic oath that is the foundation of his profession: First, do no harm. He happily brushes off the severity of a worldwide pandemic, preferring to let nature take its course. And he pretty much spits on Minnesota’s elevated status as a prosperous and well-educated state by proposing to eliminate income tax and turn the responsibility for a sound and well-rounded education over to whomever. Because he doesn’t believe in facts, why should anyone else have to?

All Jensen really offers is a set of illusory “quick fixes” that are really platitudes for the rich and disenchanted and offer nothing to the majority of hardworking Minnesotans who know that there are few easy choices in life, and only a candidate with true character can chart a course that, although challenging, elevates Minnesota again as a true jewel of the nation.

Kevin Kohrt, Plymouth


Next Tuesday, Walz will get re-elected to another term, but shouldn’t be. Why? One reason: May 2020.

His decision to allow law enforcement to immediately stand down after the death of George Floyd on May 25, choosing to let protesters blow off steam, resulting in immense property damage, fires and area injuries, not to mention the poor national image of Minneapolis for days and beyond: This represents failed leadership to

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