Immigration, crackdowns, labs and more: ‘Ask me anything’ about NY cannabis with Jeffrey Hoffman

Jeffrey Hoffman is a New York City-based attorney who hosts “Ask Me Anything about Cannabis Legalization in New York” each week on LinkedIn. Hoffman and NY Cannabis Insider have partnered to bring those sessions into print in a Q&A format.

Hoffman’s practice focuses on cannabis industry clients, including licensees in the adult-use market, practitioners in the medical cannabis space, and cannabis adjacent product and service providers. He has a particular interest in social and economic equity cannabis license applicants, and he also informs and assists those convicted of cannabis offenses in getting such convictions expunged from their record. He can be reached at [email protected].

What is going to be done with all the cannabis that has been cultivated but can’t be sold due to the delays in state licensing?

Hopefully it will not be destroyed. I think there’s a reasonable chance that it will not be, so we now have over 25, I believe, new conditional processors – it’s somewhere in the high 20s. As soon as those conditional processors get their inspection, they can start getting cannabis from the cultivators. So I think a lot of the cannabis will be turned into extract, into distillate for vape, oil and other types of concentrates.

I do think there are measures that a lot of the conditional cultivators can take to preserve the flower that they have grown and harvested. Obviously, that is not an infinite time span that you can extend ; but I do think they have steps they can take. I am now cautiously optimistic that there will be at least one store opened before the end of the year. The nonprofits do not get a Dormitory Authority of the State of New York (DASNY) space, there is no potential for the nonprofits to get a DASNY

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