Attorney For Man Shot At Choctaw Football Game Speaks Out

The attorney representing the man shot by an off-duty Del City Police officer working security during the Choctaw High School football game is alleging there was no cause to shoot his client, Demetrize Carter.

Carter remains in the hospital, making a slow recovery.

“He’s struggling with speaking with me because of his injuries,” his attorney, Billy Clark, told News 9.

Clark had the first opportunity to visit with his client in-person since the incident on Friday. According to Clark, Carter tried to de-escalate a fight before the shooting. That’s when 15-year-old Dayvion Hamilton is accused of brandishing a gun and shooting and killing 16-year-old Cordea Carter.

As police were responding, Clark alleges a Del City police officer pointed his gun at 43-year-old Carter and gave him commands. Clark also claimed that his client identified himself as an adult who was trying to help, but then was shot.

“He was completely unarmed, not a threat, not resisting, completely complying with the Del City officer’s commands,” Clark said.

Del City Police have not released any details about their officer’s involvement. Instead, the investigation into the officer-involved shooting is being handled by the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office. 

Previously, the sheriff’s office shared that the Del City officer perceived a threat but didn’t specify the nature of the threat.

A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office said its investigators have attempted to contact Carter. “We’re glad to hear the person who was shot in this case has retained an attorney and is talking with the media. “We tried several times to reach out to him last week to have him talk with our investigators. He has not cooperated with investigators. We’re hoping because he’s talking with the media, next he’ll be talking with investigators,” said Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office public information officer, Aaron Brilbeck.


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