Officer at center of missing Paterson man case arrested brother, lawyer says

PATERSON — The ongoing controversy over Felix DeJesus’ disappearance took a new turn early Sunday morning when a Paterson police officer involved in that case arrested the missing man’s brother at the scene of a domestic dispute.

The brother, Giovanni DeJesus, had called 911 when his wife, Crystal Garcia, had prevented him from leaving their apartment to take a walk, according to the family’s lawyer, Jeff Patti.

The officer who came knocking at their door in response to the call was Jacob Feliciano, the same cop who took Felix DeJesus into custody on Feb. 2, the night he went missing, the lawyer said.

The DeJesus family has set in motion a lawsuit over DeJesus’ disappearance, which they say likely will name Feliciano as a defendant. Feliciano was one of two officers targeted in an Internal Affairs investigation over the Feb. 2 incident. Authorities have not released any information about the outcome of that IA probe.

Patti said Garcia was shocked to see Feliciano at her door early Sunday morning.

“She insisted that he remove himself from this matter for the obvious conflict of interest,” Patti said. “He ignored this plea.”

Felix DeJesus, 41, was reported missing by his family on Feb. 3.

Felix DeJesus, 41, was reported missing by his family on Feb. 3.

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The lawyer said Giovanni DeJesus eventually was allowed to walk from his home and Feliciano followed him. Garcia told Paterson Press that her husband was asking Feliciano for answers about what happened to his brother.

“’Are you trying to hit me?’” Garcia said Feliciano asked her husband. “’That’s it, you’re under arrest,’” Garcia said in her account of the incident.

Patti and Garcia said Giovanni DeJesus had not made any threatening moves towards Feliciano. Garcia said her husband was charged with resisting arrest, assault and terroristic threats.

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