Biden showcases new gun violence law with survivors of Uvalde and other rampages

WASHINGTON — Uvalde’s lone pediatrician, Dr. Roy Guerrero, spoke of his community’s pain as he joined President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris at a White House event Monday celebrating a new law at tackling gun violence, a bipartisan breakthrough that flowed directly from the devastating May 24 shooting that left 19 children and two teachers dead.

“It’s been 40 days since the massacre and now the makeshift memorial in downtown Uvalde, consisting of wooden crosses, children’s pictures, candles and colorful ribbons has been taken down,” Guerrero said.

“The dried white roses and the sun-bleached teddy bears have been taken away and stored. What remains is the hollow feeling in our gut as we drive through our sleepy downtown, which quickly turns to pain and anger as we sometimes accidentally approach the grounds of Robb Elementary School, a place no one likes to visit.”

Guerrero said he was channeling that pain to speak for the parents and victims of Uvalde, who are seeking truth and accountability after the terrible tragedy. It’s difficult being a pediatrician where children don’t want to return to school and are struggling with post-traumatic stress and depression, he said.

“I spend half my days convincing kids that no one is coming for them and that they are safe,” he said. “But how do I say that knowing that the very weapons used in the attack are still freely available? Let this only be the start of the movement towards the banning of assault weapons.”

That prompted applause from many of the hundreds gathered on the White House’s South Lawn on a warm, sunny day.

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