His four biggest legal problems

Image shows Donald Trump

Image shows Donald Trump

The legal battles before Donald Trump are expansive and varied.

The former president is under investigation for everything from his handling of top secret documents to the price tag placed on his New York penthouse, and facing numerous lawsuits as well.

But four high-profile investigations could have the biggest impact on Mr Trump – personally and politically.

All are ongoing and have not resulted in criminal charges.

Banner showing Mar-a-Lago

Banner showing Mar-a-Lago

What’s being investigated?

The Department of Justice is looking into the removal of government documents from the White House, which were then taken to Mr Trump’s Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago, after he left office. Investigators are assessing how these documents were stored and who may have had access to them.

The former president’s sprawling beachside property was searched in August and 11,000 documents were seized including around 100 marked as classified. Some of these were labelled top secret.

Unsurprisingly, we know very little about what’s in the documents at this stage. But classified material usually contains information that officials feel could damage national security if made public.

What has Trump said?

He’s denied wrongdoing and criticised the justice department’s investigation, branding it “politically motivated” and a “witch-hunt”.

He has offered shifting defences which have mostly hinged on the argument that he declassified the material. No evidence has yet been provided that this is true.

The former president has also argued that some of the documents are protected by “privilege” – a legal concept that would prevent them from being used in future proceedings. An independent lawyer is reviewing the seized material to determine if this is the case and that process continues.

But Mr Trump has not directly addressed the key question of why the documents were at Mar-a-Lago in the first place.

So how serious is

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