QC School Board Report Card


A roundup of key highlights and agenda items from recent Quad-Cities area school board meetings:

Davenport Community School District 

All board members were present. The meeting kicked off with a presentation and discussion on the district’s long-range facilities plan.

Following the initial steps in phase one, the most forthcoming proposed projects are additions and renovations to Sudlow and Smart Intermediates, followed by renovations to North High School.

Pending future action, these projects could be complete by the start of the 2025-2026 school year. The Washington and Monroe properties would be demolished beforehand.

In phase two, the district may explore additions and renovations to Williams and Wood Intermediates, improving and expanding Brady Street Stadium and district-wide elementary school upgrades.

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The timeline for potential elementary upgrades is fluid, according to Bray Architect John Mahon; pending the phase one succession, phase two projects could potentially be complete by the 2026-2027 school year.

The district’s long-term goals for middle schools include:

  • An addition and renovation to each building, to support curriculum needs and sixth-grade integration
  • Provide collaborative, flexible-use spaces with increased sight lines and building supervision
  • Increase safety and security 
  • Create a “house model” within building academic wings, to develop smaller learning communities 

The board and superintendent TJ Schneckloth agreed to hold a discussion and update on the proposed long-range facilities projects at each meeting until a vote is scheduled.

The board then unanimously approved all items requiring action.


  • Adopting the seven-year RACK Coach Pro curriculum for all district high schools, for a total of $66,924.37
  • A $86,722.92. VEX Robotics Equipment purchase for Central, North and West engineering classrooms
  • A $731,488.56 weight room equipment purchase from Conner Athletic Products, Inc. for Central, North and West

The board closed by discussing the hire of Bray Architects to continue planning phase one projects.

Next meeting: Monday, March 27 at 5:30 p.m.

Pleasant Valley Community School District

MARCH 6– All board members were present, and the meeting opened with an executive session. 

Upon returning to open session, the board unanimously approved continuing negotiations to purchase 16-acres of land, located at the northwest corner of Forest Grove and Wells Ferry Road. The land will be used as a future building site. 

Next meeting: Monday, March 20 at 6:00 p.m.

Bettendorf Community School District

MARCH 9–All board members were present.

The meeting opened with several recognition items, including:

  • The high school’s speech and debate team, for placing five students at the Iowa Forensics League State Tournament. Simpson College, which hosted the tournament, awarded each with a $2,000 scholarship
  • The high school’s “Battle of the Bridges” team, who won the annual competition
  • The high school’s Science Olympiad team, for placing second at the Iowa Science Olympiad Regional Tournament
  • The middle school student council, for raising $1,300 for the American Heart Association

During the Bettendorf Education Support Association report, Melissa Laufenberg noted the need for para-educators. Superintendent Dr. Michelle Morse then thanked district staff, admin and the community for their efforts and engagement on the recently proposed bond referendum, which failed to pass Tuesday. 

After bond failure, Bettendorf has decisions to make

The board heard a presentation from the high school’s “UBett” robotics team; several students on the team showcased their competition robot this year – “Paul” – and its functions during the meeting. They also gave a rundown on the season, how competitions work and the role of each team member.

Moving forward, head coach Eric McCoy hopes to spread more awareness and gain more support for UBett Robotics and their accomplishments at the high school and district-wide. 

The board then unanimously approved a first and final read of three new board policies, including:

  • School Nutrition Program Program Notices of Nondiscrimination Exhibit
  • Child Nutrition Programs Civil Rights Complaint Form
  • School Nutrition Program Civil Rights Complaints Procedure

These were added to better comply with federal legal requirements, as required by the Iowa Department of Education.

During a closed session, the board unanimously approved Morse’s hiring recommendations for a new director of human resources and director of finance and business services. The names of the individuals have not yet been released, pending their official acceptance.

Next meeting: Thursday, March 23 at 6:00 p.m.

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