Judge dismisses libel lawsuits of KY governor candidate Eric Deters

Eric Deters

A judge has dismissed two libel lawsuits filed by Kentucky candidate for governor Eric Deters against a Northern Kentucky attorney, saying they are meritless and ordering him to pay the defendant’s litigation expenses.

Deters filed the two lawsuits this summer against attorney Chris Wiest, who is representing two clients who have sued Deters claiming breach of contract.

In dismissing both of Deters’ lawsuits in separate orders Tuesday, Kenton Circuit Judge Patricia Summe wrote that the libel lawsuits were “totally lacking in merit, both factually and legally, so as to appear to have been taken in bad faith.”

In her dismissal of Deters’ most recent libel lawsuit, filed in August, she added that “this lack of merit indicates a lack of respect for the courts.”

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