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Lawyers — the unsung heroes fighting for their clients against goliath insurance companies and big corporations — play a vital role in helping reach a successful verdict for clients’ cases. Although lawyers are there to go to battle for you, finding the right lawyer and approaching the initial consultation meeting with confidence can be an intimidating and overwhelming task. Where do you start with your search? What should you look for in a lawyer? What do you need to bring to the initial consultation meeting?

Ross Cellino, personal injury attorney and founding partner at Cellino Lawshares his helpful tips to make your initial consultation successful and impactful.

Proven track record

The first step in finding a lawyer who fits your needs is to look for a law firm with a long and impeccable track record.

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“When going up against big insurance companies, you need a law firm that has recovered a substantial amount of money for their clients,” Cellino says. “At Cellino Law, we boast that I, along with the lawyers that I have supervised over the years, have collected over $2 billion for our clients.”

The old saying “numbers don’t lie” rings true when you’re trying to determine which law firms have a legitimate chance to get you the best outcome for your case.

Refined experience in a specialized practice

Not all lawyers are the same. There are many different fields within the practice of law.

“Most individuals go directly to their family attorney when a crisis arises instead of seeking out an attorney who specializes in the field of law that pertains to their specific case and situation,” Cellino says. “It’s important that the client finds an attorney that has extensive expertise in the field of law that best fits their case needs.”

Respected reputation and rapport

Finding a highly qualified lawyer to represent you goes far beyond their credentials. A lawyer immersed in the community and local judicial system has a distinct edge.

“It’s important to consult with and hire a law firm that has a good reputation with defense attorneys and local judges in the area, as those are the individuals you’ll need to work with to produce a more favorable outcome for your case,” says Cellino.

Any lawyer can take your case to trial, but a lawyer that possesses the skill, reputation and relationships will give you, the client, more confidence when you find yourself in court.

Look for a lawyer who listens

As is true in any healthy relationship, you should find someone who listens and understands you. “One thing I pride myself on is listening to my clients and allowing them to describe their problem in great detail,” Cellino says. “I find that listening and giving my clients space to air out their grievances helps them feel more at ease and provides me the opportunity to craft a tailored solution to their specific problem.”

If you call a lawyer or meet with them for the first time and they’re trying to rush you through the meeting, then they’re not the lawyer for you. Finding a lawyer who is empathetic and attentive to your needs and well-being is the first step to winning your case.

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