Boise hangar collapse investigation continues


BOISE, Idaho — Attorney Enrique Serna gives Idaho News 6 an update on his investigation into the cause of the Boise hangar collapse.

  • Serna says the families of two of the victim’s families are frustrated
  • More people are coming forward with information
  • Serna hopes people won’t have to look at the wreckage much longer

(The following is a transcription of the full broadcast story.)

I spoke with Attorney Enrique Serna representing the families of two of the three victims killed here at the hangar collapse near the Boise Airport. I asked Mr. Serna how the families of Mariano Coc Och and Mario Sontay are doing at their homes in Guatemala. “Well, the families are hoping for a prompt resolution they are indigent they do not understand our processes they don’t understand the law the jury and trial system they don’t understand timelines from OSHA and Federal government or State authorities so we’re explaining it to them”.

I then asked Enrique Serna about the scope of the investigation. “Let me tell you that I’m grateful for everyone who watches this broadcast. We have had a lot of people coming forward to us of two types. They told us to keep my information confidential, or please let me share it with you so I can share it again. That has led us to dive deep into the documentation that we get from the state and city and some of the participants here.

I wanted to know if people are still coming forward with information about the hangar collapse. ”This time I find that the people that I find come forward they come forward with true conviction they drive by here and see this wreckage they don’t want to see it like this it doesn’t feel right in their heart.”

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